Mary Berry unveils Positron Scanner – Supportline 54

Posted on October 20, 2016


Shown above is a photograph of the Positron Scanner

Celebrity cookery writer and television presenter Mary Berry unveiled the first fixed site Positron scanner to be installed in the South West at Bath’s Royal United Hospital on the 13th June 2016.

The £1.2 million which the scanner cost was raised by supporters of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group and its Trowbridge branch over a period of five years.

As a result of this fundraising The RUH is the first hospital in the South West of England to offer PET-CT scans to its patients.

The installation of this scanner is seen as one of the most significant developments in the treatment of cancer at The RUH.

Since BCUSG was founded in 1985 in excess of £4.5 million has been raised by this local charity and spent on providing a range of facilities for cancer patients attending The RUH. The charity continues to be run by volunteers.

After the unveiling of the scanner, Mary headed to The Bath Priory Hotel to host afternoon tea with two lucky prize winners and their guests of the charity raffle which raised over £3,000 for the scanner appeal.

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