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Posted on October 20, 2016

A vision made reality because of your support for the Positron (PET-CT) Scanner Appeal

Former Mayor of Bath Councillor William Sandry, Mike Coombs Hon Treasurer BCUSG, Tino Polledri Vice Chairman of Trustees BCUSG, John Carter and Brian Stables Chairman of the Board of the RUH

A vision made reality because of your support for the Positron (PET-CT) Scanner Appeal

On the 14th October 2009 I received from Dr Richard Graham, a consultant radiologist at the RUH an email which set out the benefits of having a fixed site Positron (PET-CT) scanner at the RUH and which concluded with the words “We were wondering if the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group would be interested in fundraising for a fixed site PET-CT?”

Meetings with Richard and his colleague Dr Stewart Redman soon followed and their vision to improve the outcomes of treatments for cancer patients at The RUH soon became apparent.
For various reasons another three and a half years were to pass before a formal request was received from The Chief Executive of The RUH who made it clear that whilst the RUH would dearly like to provide PET-CT scans for its patients, with all the development work about to be undertaken on the Combe Park site, the Hospital did not have sufficient funds to finance such a scanner although it could meet the costs of modifying the building in which the scanner would be housed.

On 4 July 2012 The Trustees of this charity agreed to support a grant application to provide the necessary funding of £1.2 million to purchase a fixed site PET-CT scanner, the first to be installed in the South West of England.

Not for the first time did supporters of this charity rally to the call to provide funds to acquire state of the art equipment for the treatment of cancer at The RUH and once again supporters demonstrated that if members of a community wish to influence the services which their local NHS hospital provides they can do so by fund raising and pooling the proceeds of their fund raising.
Many who have fund raised had amazing stories to tell. Some of their experiences were to say the least extremely sad. Although a number had lost loved ones to cancer they appreciated that by contributing to the PET-CT scanner appeal they could make a difference to those who were to be treated in the future.

On Monday 13 June Richard and Stewart’s vision, with your help, became reality when celebrity cookery writer and television presenter Mary Berry unveiled what Richard describes as “A revolutionary type of scan which can have a significant effect on patients’ treatments. Statistics show that one third of treatments are modified following PET-CT scans because of the precise nature of the images produced by the scans.”

There is no doubt that this scanner will be heavily used for The RUH will be utilising the PET-CT scanner for four major activities, the diagnosis and monitoring of cancers, the planning of radiotherapy treatment, the testing of new cancer drugs and the early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease.

For your continuing support the Trustees join with me in expressing grateful thanks.


John R Carter - Chairman of Trustees and Hon Chief Executive

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