Thank you letter from James Scott Chief Executive RUH

Posted on Oct 20, 2016




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20th June 2016

John Carter Chairman and Hon Chief Executive Bath Cancer Unit Support Group 17 Clan House Sydney Road Bath BA2 6NS

Dear John

I just wanted to write and let you know that we saw our first two patients on the PET CT scanner on Friday. Everything went very well and two immediate benefits have already been realised. Firstly, the scans are now available on our electronic system for everyone involved in those patients care to access which will help to inform their ongoing treatment and secondly one of the patients seen on Friday was a bed bound inpatient who would never have been able to have this sort of scan previously. I realise that none of this would have been possible without the huge commitment of yourself and the very many other volunteers that have worked tirelessly for Bath Cancer Unit Support Group over the last few years to make this a reality. Many patients will now be able to receive this service locally as the service starts officially tomorrow and this will make a huge difference to their ongoing care.

I am very pleased that the Bath Chronicle ran a two page spread covering the opening on Thursday and I hope that this gave the rightful recognition to the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group. I know what a massive effort has gone into raising this really very significant amount of funding and without all that hard work we would not have achieved a local PET CT service.

Please do pass on my personal thanks to all those that have worked so hard.

Yours sincerely

James Scott

Chief Executive

Chairman, Brian Stables Chief Executive, James Scott