Positron Scanner delivered to RUH X-Ray department

Dr Stewart Redman describes Positron Scanner_MG_3138a

After many years of planning a GE Healthcare Positron (PET/CT) scanner has been delivered to Bath’s Royal United Hospital.

As a result of years of fundraising by supporters of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG) The RUH will become the first hospital in the west country to be able to offer positron scans to its patients.

All of the cost of the scanner, £1.2 million, has been raised by BCUSG and its Trowbridge Branch.

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Radiologist at the RUH says:

“PET-CT is a revolutionary type of scan which can have a significant effect on patients’ treatments. Statistics show that one third of treatments are modified following PET-CT scans because of the precise nature of the images produced by the scans.”

John Carter Chairman of the Trustees of BCUSG says:

“There is no doubt that this scanner will be heavily used for The RUH will be utilising a Positron scanner for four major activities, the diagnosis and monitoring of cancers, the simulation of radiotherapy treatment, the testing of new cancer drugs and the early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease.”

The Positron scanner is to be opened by Mary Berry on 13 June.