Don foster MP for Bath visits Cancer Unit

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Don FosterOn 5 April Bath’s MP Don Foster visited the cancer unit at the RUH to learn more about the Positron Scanner Appeal and to view the latest Linac Accelerator which was in the process of being installed.

Don is pictured with Dr Stewart Redman, Consultant Radiologist and Co-clinical Lead for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Sue MacGregor, Radiotherapy Service Manager and BCUSG Trustee and John Carter, Chairman of BCUSG Trustees.

Don was amazed that a voluntary organisation that is BCUSG had raised so much money since its foundation 28 years ago and through the Positron Scanner Appeal was ensuring that cancer patients attending the RUH would have access to the latest equipment.

Stewart explained the remarkable benefits which a Positron Scanner can provide and along with Sue and John answered a number of penetrating questions put by the local MP.

Before leaving the RUH Don accepted an invitation to become a Vice Patron of the Positron Scanner Appeal.