Chairman’s Comments September 2014

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Dear Supporter

What a remarkable year it has been for the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group with so many Supporters committing to fundraising for the Positron Scanner Appeal.

When I last reported, £600,000 had been raised to purchase a scanner which will transform the treatment of cancer at the RUH. Amazingly during the past year no less than another £240,000 has been raised! It only goes to prove that if members of a community are prepared to raise funds for a common goal they can influence the way in which medical services are delivered.

As the last quarter of the current financial year of the charity is about to commence I am hopeful that, with support which has already been pledged by Supporters, the Appeal will reach £1,000,000 by the end of 2014 leaving £200,000 still to be raised. On 14 May a record number of certificates were presented by the Mayor of Bath Councillor Malcolm Lees to those Supporters who, during the past year had raised £1,000 or more. The commitment which Malcolm demonstrated for the Appeal was remarkable. He hosted two Civic Receptions, attended the fi nale of The Westminster to Bath Cycle Challenge as well as attending a Positron Scanner briefi ng and the presentation event, photographs of which are shown on pages 8 and 9.

Retirement of Doreen Russell

A special thank you goes to Doreen Russell who has been fundraising for BCUSG for twenty years. Doreen and her husband Gerry, who was the Support Group’s official photographer, have demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment to the charity. A report and photograph is on page 9.

Bath Half Marathon 2014

For the fi rst time BCUSG was nominated as an official charity of the Bath Half and recruited a number of runners who supported the Positron Scanner Appeal. So many runners had lost close relatives to cancer and were anxious to raise funds to acknowledge the highest level of care which the family members had received from all members of staff of the RUH Cancer Unit.

Bath Half Marathon 2015

As this edition of Supportline goes to press the charity has again been awarded offi cial local charity status and has seven reserved places available for


Fantastic year of fundraising by the Trowbridge Branch of BCUSG

Since 1988 this charity has benefi tted from the incredibly active Trowbridge Branch and despite the difficult times which all are encountering the branch handed over a cheque for no less than £30,000.

For your continued support I extend grateful thanks.

John Carter

Chairman of Trustees and Hon Chief Executive