Chairman’s Comments September 2013

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

News of the Positron Scanner Appeal – We are half way there!

Thanks to the generosity of you and other local supporters of this charity and the wishes expressed in the wills of three local residents, I am delighted to be able to report that with 18 months to go this charity, which continues to be run only by volunteers, has raised £600,000 of the £1.2m which is required to fund the acquisition of a Positron Scanner which will transform the treatment of cancer at Bath’s Royal United Hospital.

Most Positron scanners are, in the UK, located in teaching hospitals so The RUH will be one of the first district hospitals to offer these scans to patients.

As mentioned in Issue 49 Doctor Richard Graham, Consultant Radiologist and Co-Clinical Lead for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at The RUH describes Positron as a revolutionary type of scan which can have a significant effect on patients’ treatments for statistics show that a third of treatments are modified following Positron scans because of the precise nature of the images produced by the scans.

There is no doubt that this scanner will be heavily used for The RUH will, for the first time in the UK, be utilising a Positron scanner for three major activities, the diagnosis and monitoring of cancers, the simulation of radiotherapy treatment and the testing of new cancer drugs.

Since this charity was founded in 1985 in excess of £3.6 million has been raised and spent on providing pioneering facilities for cancer patients at The RUH including brachytherapy and superficial x-ray treatment as well as the provision of a reception area, coffee and tea, newspapers and flowers, toilets and a £1m linear accelerator.

I would mention that there are no fixed site Positron scanners located between Cheltenham and Land’s End and none are planned.

Any assistance which you can give to support and promote the Positron Scanner Appeal will be greatly appreciated. For your continued support I extend grateful thanks.

John Carter
Chairman of Trustees and Hon Chief Executive