Latest Projects

During the past year this charity has been able to make a significant contribution towards the provision of cancer services at the Royal United Hospital in particular the development of the digital mammography service by helping to fund the introduction of a procedure known as Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography (CEDM) .

 The sensitivity and specificity of CEDM are both higher than for mammography alone or in combination with ultrasound.

With the support of BCUSG The RUH became the first breast unit in the UK to have this facility.

Also during the past year BCUSG has funded the creation of a private room where consultations with patients undergoing chemotherapy can be undertaken.

Over the past 6 years a large number of oral chemotherapy drugs have emerged and patients require intensive education and support in how to self-administer oral chemotherapy and how to counteract potential side effects.

Before the opening of the private room and because of a lack of space, the pharmacist and the Sister in Oncology OPD were limited to fifty per cent of the sessions which they needed to provide. In addition they can now use the room to provide telephone clinics for patients on oral chemotherapy thus preventing patients having to attend the RUH unless absolutely necessary, and consequently improving patients’ quality of life.

Further, The RUH Trust has committed capital funds for the implementation of an electronic prescribing system for chemotherapy. This system will be used for all chemotherapy prescriptions however, to ensure maximum function and safety, the pharmacist has to input all chemotherapy regimes and check that the system is working safely. This task requires a quiet working environment to ensure accuracy and safe working practices.

The private room will provide a venue for both the initial inputting of data into the new electronic prescribing system and for educating and supporting all medical, nursing and pharmacy staff on how to use the system.