The Bath Cancer Unit Support Group fundraises to provide facilities for cancer patients who attend the Royal United Hospital Bath. The charity continues to be run only by volunteers consequently, a very high proportion of the funds which are raised are spent on improving facilities.

“It never ceases to amaze me what can be achieved if a community is prepared to pool its fund raising proceeds. Projects which would otherwise not get off the ground because of their cost can be undertaken” John Carter Chairman of Trustees Bath Cancer Unit Support Group.

To date over £4,500,000 has been raised.

Some of the projects which over the past 32 years have been funded:

  • the acquisition of a linear accelerator £1,000,000
  • the construction of reception area £350,000
  • the construction of a day-treatment ward £220,000
  • the funding of a new treatment for prostate cancer which at the time was not universally available £35,000
  • the construction of a quite room where a diagnosis can be discussed £25,000, the construction of new toilets which were suggested by a prostate cancer patient £25,000
  • the provision of coffee, tea and biscuits newspapers and flowers

A significant percentage of donations come from patients and families of patients.

Fund raising is cathartic.

Every donor receives a personalised letter expressing thanks for the donation and outlining the projects currently being funded by the Support Group.

Each year, usually in May, donors who have raised £1,000 or more are presented with certificates, by The Mayor of Bath who is also The Patron of the charity and undertake a tour of the unit to view first hand what their fund raising has financed.